General Worker - £94.50

The majority of the may ball workforce. This is a great opportunity to work in an amazing atmosphere, ensuring the guests of the may ball have an unforgettable evening. Where possible, we offer the opportunity to work with up to three friends. Workers can be placed in a variety of areas: from food and drinks service, to ents and general logistics runners. We also have a ‘hit squad’ who can be highly adaptable to demands as they arise on the night.

  • Be friendly and professional when interacting with guests
  • Be good team members
  • Be flexible with their role on the night
  • Carry out their assigned duties diligently

No previous experience is required, though previous hospitality experience is preferable. Apply here

Area Supervisor - £110

Supervisors will be given positions of significant responsibility on the night. They will be in charge of an area of the ball, ensuring its smooth-running, making sure guests are well looked after. Supervisors are called upon by their team of workers to solve and escalate problems as they arise. They are a key point of contact with the Committee.

    Supervisors must:
  • Have previous leadership experience, preferably having worked at a ball before.
  • Manage a team, fostering effective team-work
  • Be able to problem solve
  • Be excellent communicators
  • Be professional and carry out their duties diligently
  • Use their own initiative but know when to ask for help

Applicants should have been in a management role at a ball before or have suitable alternative leadership experience. Apply here

Clean-up Worker - £45

After the ball has finished, workers are required to help return the college to its daytime splendour. Tasks will include moving carpet, cleaning up litter, and getting items back into storage.

    Clean-up workers must:
  • Be good team members
  • Be flexible with their role on the night
  • Be hard working

No previous experience is required. Apply here

Further Information

Area Supervisors and General Workers will be required from 8pm on Wednesday 19th June to 6.30am on Thursday 20th June. Breaks will be provided during the night for refreshment. Clean-up workers will be required from 6am to 11am on Thursday 20th June.

From successful applicants, we will be taking security cheques to cover possible major breaches of contract. These will be destroyed following successful completion of work on the night. From supervisors and general workers, we will be collecting two cheques, each of value £77.50. From clean-up workers we will be collecting one cheque of value £40.00.

Please direct any queries to Daniel or Margaux

Disclaimer: The timings above are provisional. All terms of working and pay will be laid out in relevant General Worker/Supervisor/Clean-Up Worker contract. The information advertised above does not constitute a formal promise of the terms of employment.