Committee Applications

Gaia is the mother of all. After Chaos, Gaia brought forth the Gods of legend.

The Pembroke May Ball Committee works through the year to put together this end-of-year event for Pembroke students and the wider community. Awarded Cambridge’s most sustainable May Ball 2019, we are further building on our innovative reputation to set a new standard of what is possible for May Week. A hugely rewarding task, we are looking for new members to help continue last year’s plans and innovate further to make next year’s event unforgettable.

Applying can bring the following benefits:

Development of a wide range of employable skills
Free tickets for 2 May Week events this year and another in 2 years' time
Free committee socials throughout the year
A close-knit group of friends from across College
Contribute towards shaping the vision of the event
     and forming measures for sustainability, access and more

If there are any further questions, please contact Alice at

Please apply on Google Forms by 14th October 2020.


The Secretary liaises with the City Council to ensure the event is run safely and legally in liaison with various College authorities. The Secretary takes minutes at Committee meetings. The Secretary is responsible for the legal aspects of the Ball, reviewing contracts that the Committee forms with external contractors and ensuring preparations are carried out on time.


The Treasurer handles and plans all financial transactions. The Treasurer works closely with the Presidents to plan a budget and allocate funds to various members of the Committee. They must regularly liaise with all Committee Officers and adapt quickly to constantly changing financial plans. They are also involved with ticketing. On the night the Treasurer ensures that acts and contractors have received correct payment. The Treasurer must ensure that up-to-date running accounts are held.

Infrastructure Officer

The Infrastructure Officer works closely with the College and the Committee to create a site plan that adheres to all of the College’s requests and the council’s health and safety guidelines. They source contractors for the audio-visual production of the Ball as well as marquees, carpets, bars, and more.

Logistics Officers (2 Roles)

The Logistics Officers are in charge of recruiting student workers and a professional security firm, as well as managing the logistics of the Ball, such as parking for contractors, staff radios, and shift timetabling. They have a significant role on the night of the Ball, coordinating the team of workers and ensuring the smooth running of entrances and exits to the Ball. They must work closely with all members of the Committee to ensure that all areas have their staffing requirements fulfilled and that the site is secure on the night.

Non-Music Entertainments Officer

The Non-Musical Entertainments (NME) Officer is responsible for choosing the diverse number of non-musical attractions at the event. They are largely responsible for ensuring there are sufficient entertainments to keep guests occupied throughout the May Ball or June Event. As well as working closely with the Musical Entertainments Officer to audition local acts, the NME Officer liaises with the Infrastructure Officer and the College authorities regarding the logistics of the largest entertainments. On the night, the Officer ensures that each of their entertainments runs as planned and contributes to the general running of the evening.

Food Officer

The Food Officer allocates the spending of the pre-agreed budget and chooses the quantity and variety of food available at the Ball. Throughout the year they work with various catering companies to produce a full timetable of food throughout the night. On the evening, they ensure that all food stands and caterers are well-stocked and functioning properly. They are also responsible for liaising with Pembroke catering staff for the launch of the theme, and the three-course meal served before the Ball begins to those with dining tickets.

Drinks Officer

The Drinks Officer allocates the spending of the pre-agreed drinks budget and organises the provision of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as specialist drink servers, cups, glasses and ice. They are in complete creative and practical control of drink provision and service at the Ball. They work closely throughout the year with drinks suppliers to ensure the drinks at the Ball cater to each and every taste.

Sustainability Officer

The Sustainability Officer is responsible for ensuring that the environmental effects of the Pembroke May Ball are minimised as much as possible through thoughtful design, research and forward planning about all aspects of the Ball. This includes but is not limited to sharing resources with other Balls, producing a quantitative report after the event detailing the environmental impact of the ball, and advising all committee members.

Accessibility Officer

The Accessibility Officer works to ensure that Pembroke May Ball is as accessible to all regardless of background or disability. This role liaises with other Committee members to ensure that all guest needs are met, and will act as a direct point of contact on the night for guests whose needs have been considered. They will be responsible for producing an accessibility document prior to the event. This role, new for the 2021 May Ball, will have some discretion in scope based on discussions between the candidate and President.

Décor Officer (3 Roles)

The Décor Officers determine the visual appearance of the event, paying particular attention to the implementation of the theme. They lead in planning the court-by-court visuals of the event. They are responsible for sourcing an innovative and imaginative range of decor.

Technical Officer

The Technical Officers work with the Ticketing Officer to ensure the online presence of the event works smoothly. They help manage our bespoke ticketing system as well as our communication channels. Combining technical understanding with communications, this role will be largely determined through discussions with other Committee members.

The Pembroke May Ball Committee 2021 will work within College, University and government guidelines. This may mean weekly committee meetings have to be done remotely until it is safe to meet in person. The nature of the event may need to alter dependent on changes in guidance.