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Standard Ticket


The standard May Ball ticket covers the full nine hours of sumptious food and drink, as well as a diverse range of top quality music and entertainment, in the transformed, idyllic gardens of Pembroke College.

Pembroke Ticket


The Pembroke ticket is available for current members of the college.

Bursary Ticket


This ticket is identical to the standard ticket but is only available to Pembroke students on (any level of) a University of Cambridge bursary or the Pembroke Hardship Fund.

All tickets include an additional opt-out donation of £2 to our chosen charities.




The 2024 Pembroke May Ball hopes to be more sustainable than ever. Sustainability in the Ball will be addressed in key areas such as energy usage, material waste, transportation, food and drink and overall event emissions. This committee position aligns with a student-driven, university-wide drive to make all May Week events more environmentally conscious.
To commit ourselves to minimising the footprint of our event as much as possible, we have taken a Sustainability Pledge and are actively participating in an accreditation scheme set up by the sustainability consultancy Sustain-a-Ball to assess the sustainability of our event through an independent audit.



We are dedicated to making Pembroke May Ball 2024 accessible and welcoming to everyone! We are a committed member of the Cambridge SU Disabled Student’s Campaign’s Access-a-Ball scheme, and have a number of measures in place to make it a memorable night for all our guests.

For any queries about the accessibility (including any unanticipated or specific needs) of our May Ball, please contact our .
For any queries about the accessibility of this website, please contact our .


This year, Pembroke May Ball has chosen to support the British Red Cross' emergency fund. You will have the option to opt-out of a £2 donation to the British Red Cross when booking your ticket(s) through our website.

British Red Cross

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross Emergencies Fund is dedicated to swiftly responding to global crises, providing immediate aid and support to affected communities. Contributions fuel their efforts, enabling them to save lives, alleviate suffering, and offer hope in the aftermath of disasters like earthquakes, floods, and conflicts. With support, they ensure timely deployment of teams and vital supplies, making a tangible difference in the lives of those facing adversity

Find more .


When is the May Ball?
Doors open at 8pm, Wednesday 19th June, 2024.
When do tickets release?
Pembroke Release: 11am 28/02/2024
General Release: 11am 13/03/2024
What is the dress code?
The dress code is black tie or national dress.
How do I pay for a guest ticket?
Only the ticket applicant can pay for tickets. Please log into the to pay for tickets. Guest tickets can only be bought alongside a ticket. The ticket applicant's ticket must be paid for before or alongside a guest ticket in order to be able to pay for a guest ticket(s)
If you have received an email confirming your guest ticket allocation, please ask the original ticket applicant to login to their account in order to arrange payment.
Can I buy a guest ticket without buying my own ticket?
No, guest tickets can only be bought alongside a ticket.
I am unable to pay for my ticket by card.
Please email to arrange other payment options before the payment deadline.
I've yet to pay for my ticket due to extenuating circumstances. Can I get an extension?
Please email detailing your request before the payment deadline. Each case is handeled on a case by by case basis. Failure to email will result in your ticket being automatically cancelled
What details are required when requesting a ticket?
The following details are required for all tickets, including guest tickets:
- Full name
- Email
- Ticket Type
- Dietary Requirements
- Access Requirements
I made a small spelling error on one of my tickets. How should I correct this?
Please email .
I've paid for a ticket but no longer want it. What should I do?
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. Please arrange to name change the ticket to someone who would like to attend.
How does the waiting list work?
There are a limited number of tickets in each category, and some tickets are held back to ensure all Pembroke Students are guaranteed tickets. If there are no tickets left in the requested category, you'll be placed into a first come first serve queue that will automatically allocate tickets once they become available.
How do I name change a ticket?
Login to your account on the ticketing site. Then, under the relevant ticket, click request a name change. Enter in the new ticket-holder's details. Both the original ticket owner and the new ticket owner will receive an email containing the payment information. Once the name change has been paid for, another confirmation email will be generated. Please note, name changes will only be available after general release.The ticket must be fully paid for before this option becomes available.
Can I sell my ticket on?
Yes, you may sell your ticket at face value (+ any name change fees). Selling tickets higher than face value is strictly against our , and the ticket will be voided without refund.
How many guest tickets can I purchase?
Pembroke Ticket - 3 guests.
Standard Ticket - 1 guest.
Alumni Ticket - 1 guest.
Can I transfer a Pembroke Student ticket to a Pembroke Alumnus / University / Guest?
Yes. Follow the instructions to name change a ticket. The name change fee will include the difference in ticket cost.
I am an alumnus of another college. Can I purchase a ticket?
Tickets are only available for purchase by Pembroke students, Pembroke Alumni and current university students and staff. If you'd like a ticket, please arrange with anyone who falls in the above categories to purchase you a guest ticket.
I've paid for my ticket but I haven't recieved confirmation.
Ticket confirmations are sent out within 72 hours of payment. If you still haven't received confirmation after this time, please email .
Who is eligible for a bursary ticket?
Only Pembroke Students who have a University of Cambridge bursary or utilise the Pembroke Hardship Fund are eligible for bursary tickets.
I have a disability and will not able to queue for a long period of time. What should I do?
Please email and we'll be happy to arrange any suitable access requirments.
I have another question that isn't listed!
Please email with any questions relating to ticketing or entry.
Please email if you have any specific requirements or accessibility concerns.

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